About Me🐦

Hi! Aishtyn here!
If you’ve stumbled from the homepage and came to learn more about the poor soul who runs this, welcome to the right place!

For Starters:

I am a college STEM Major with a passion for social interaction. Ironically the two tend to not blend well together, however, I’ve managed to be a proud oddball case. My educational interests lie in medicine. Specifically, I am extremely passionate about becoming a Physical or Occupational Therapist.

Now, the more interesting stuff! Beyond the range of school, I do dabble my hand in a few interests. If you have yet to check out the “hobbies” page, a quick synopsis of my interest’s include: Reading (Historical Fiction is currently my go-to), Video Games, Make-Up, Anime, and Hoarding Stuffed Animals.

Ta-Dah! Me, a breathing, real, human being.
Now this here is a display of my love for soft fabrics in animal shapes with fluff filling. Unfortunately, this is not my room, however, I did kidnap and claim ownership of dalmatian in the back.
To finalize my montage of selfies, I realized I had no open mouth smiles, so making “generic oh I’m taking a selfie!” pose no.3 for this one here
A slight preview into my fashion aesthetic- I like to consider my sense of style as the “modern barbie”. Slight lie. It’s much more disorganized and questionable.
As the proud STEM girlie I am, with laptop open and highlighters in hand, here is a pitiful mid-study session pose.